Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running? – An Insight Answer

Do you have a pair of basketball sneakers in your closet that you have not worn in a while? Trying to use them for a similar activity like running is an excellent idea to bring them out of hiding. Now, the bigger question is: Are basketball shoes good for running?

Let’s find out the full answer in this article!

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running? 

Each type of athletic shoe is designed for a specific sport. Using the wrong type of shoe for any activity can potentially be harmful and counterproductive. 

If you want to take advantage of basketball shoes for short runs of a few miles per week, it won’t lead to serious injuries and soreness. With that said, using basketball shoes for continuous running can negatively affect your performance and cause injury.

So, are basketball shoes good for running?

Yes, it may be good to run in basketball shoes. Still, there are some differences in the design between basketball shoes and running ones.

The design of running shoes is usually in one direction, making them ideal for continuous runs due to the stability and cushioning. Meanwhile, basketball shoes are suitable for multi-directions movement. 

Are basketball shoes good for running                                                                              

When Should You Use Basketball Shoes For Running?


Heavier runners may find basketball shoes a great alternative to running shoes. Being overweight, you probably won’t make the strides that require the extra flexibility that actual running offers. 

Nonetheless, you can benefit from the added ankle and heel support while losing weight. Because of the unique design, the basketball shoe can measure the stability of the ankle reasonably during rapid changes of direction and jump.

Running Short Distance

Basketball shoes are not suitable for long-distance runners or regular runners since they are designed without proper protection for handling repetitive impact. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be a problem for short distances such as a few miles per week.  

Be aware to stop immediately if you experience ankle, heel, leg, or knee pain while running in these shoes. Shoes aren’t always to blame, but changing the style will help you figure out how to best protect your body during the runs.

Fitting Your Feet

Another point to note is that which type of shoe is used, it is essential to fit the user’s foot. This is even more important when you want to run in basketball shoes. 

Using basketball shoes for running might make running much harder and cause increased fatigue due to the added weight and bulkiness, and for this reason, they need to be close to your feet. If not, ankle injuries can occur during the runs when you attempt to change and stop abruptly directions every several seconds.

Also, you must tighten the laces carefully. If your shoes don’t fit you at least 70-80%, don’t wear them for running.

Avoid Running On These Surfaces

To be able to run safely, you should avoid concrete, snow, and sand areas. Concrete is ten times harder than asphalt, which can potentially cause heel injuries.

Snow is quite slippery; in fact, running on snowy surfaces is unsafe even with running shoes. Lastly, running in the sand isn’t particularly dangerous, but the extra weight you have to carry on your feet may slow you down.

                                          When Should You Use Basketball Shoes for Running

Problems When Using Basketball Shoes For Running

The main problem is the heel cushion. Keep in mind that basketball shoes will not supply cushioning and stability as running shoes.

It is often made of rubber and tends to be relatively thin to keep the shoe light. Its sole is more or less flat, providing enough traction when running on a basketball court. Therefore, it doesn’t give much value to running.

Basketball shoes’ sole is not extremely flexible since it is designed to meet the needs of basketball. The next thing that you notice is the high heel counter, which may interfere with your running form. 

Finally, the design of running shoes is more comfortable than basketball shoes. This problem can only be felt by regular runners. However, those who rarely run or only run for short distances will not feel this difference.


The short answer to “Are basketball shoes good for running?” is yes. Suppose you are only running on a basketball court, or a short run of two to three miles just once or twice per week; then basketball shoes can do the job well.

However, if you are engaging in track or cross-country running, then investing in a good pair of running shoes is a must. It will prevent some injuries from developing and protect you during the practice sessions.

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