Basketball Shoes Vs Running Shoes: What’s the Difference Between Them? Discover now

Wearing a pair of specialized shoes suitable for a sport will help players reduce serious injuries that can occur. So, for each different sport, try to prepare yourself with different shoes! Today we will learn more about the benefits and strengths of basketball shoes and running shoes. Let’s get started!

Basketball Shoes Vs Running Shoes

Basketball shoes vs Running shoes

There are many differences between these two types of shoes. Within the scope of this article, we will delve deeper into the following points:

  • Design
  • Force
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Flexibility

Now we will go into each part in detail. From there, it will be clear the value of these specialized sports shoes. And why you should own a pair like this!


Running shoes are designed to make the runner’s forward motion as comfortable as possible. Therefore, the design of running shoes must have enough support and cushioning to be able to keep the runner safe while running.

Meanwhile, basketball players change direction every two seconds and average about 105 sprints per game. Therefore, basketball shoes need to be specially designed to meet the intensive requirements of this fascinating game. This sport also includes many sudden stops, jumps, and starts.

Therefore, it is required when manufacturing basketball shoes to create stability for the ankle. With that comes proper shock absorption, but still being flexible and allowing for lateral movements.

Compared to running shoes, basketball shoes require more techniques, more requirements when designing.


Running and basketball shoes come in different models. Where the herringbone spike pattern is ideal for basketball shoes. Because traction is so important for running, cutting, and moving sideways.

The players advise against using basketball shoes for running. Because the traction of basketball shoes can be excessive and lead to locking your foot while running. This will lead to serious injuries. 

According to Shoe Capital, basketball shoes tend to have distinct grooves on the bottom that running shoes don’t.

Basketball shoes need to help players perform many difficult movements


Running shoes are lighter than basketball shoes because they are made of thinner materials. So some of the latest shoe models today often make you feel like you are walking barefoot. These shoes have good cushioning for basketball, but really it’s not safe to play basketball.

These lightweight shoes can lead to injury when you try to perform basketball movements such as stopping, warming up, changing direction, jumping, and landing after bouncing back. The use of specialized sports shoes for other sports will often lead to ankle, hip, leg, and lower back problems.


Due to the characteristics of the sport of basketball, the requirements for the production of shoes are also more stringent. 

Therefore, the weight of basketball shoes is always heavier than running shoes. This will make it easier for players to make moves when playing basketball more safely.

When you hold two running shoes and basketball shoes in two different hands, you will be able to immediately notice the difference. Running shoes are smaller and lighter, while basketball shoes are stiffer, taller, and heavier.


Running shoes with extremely lightweight shoes give you complete control of your gait. Easy up/down movement. Basketball shoes with their weight and high requirements will support your heel during movement. It also helps you to move in all directions. Shock absorption for safer jumps.

The basketball shoe’s sole is much thicker and stiffer and the high ankle allows you to stop, warm up and change direction during the game without hurting your ankle while moving.

What are running shoes?

Running shoes are specialized shoes for those who are passionate about the sport of running. The shoe has a shock-absorbing effect and reduces the risk of injury while running. Shoes come in many styles, classified into the main categories as cushioned shoes, motion control shoes, and stability shoes.

Running shoes are specially designed to protect runners’ feet from constant impact from the ground. The impact from slamming at each heel strike is about 2.5 times or more of your body weight. This force can cause stress and injury to athletes.

Running shoes need to help players move quickly and safely

What are basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes are designed to provide adequate stability with features like a stiff, thick sole and a stiff heel. When you play basketball, you tend to make lots of short bursts in all directions. 

Basketball players who do a lot of jumping can put stress and impact on the foot, so the shoe is built with a cushioned midsole to maintain impact. The outsole of a basketball shoe must have plenty of traction for running, cutting, and rotational motion.

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Can basketball shoes be used for running?

Running in basketball shoes can increase fatigue and make running much more difficult. Because basketball shoes are very heavy and bulky. So wearing basketball shoes for running, especially long-distance running is not a good idea.

Conversely, if you play basketball but wear running shoes, you may be at higher risk of injury. Because the traction of running shoes is lower than basketball shoes, it will be difficult for you to perform basic movements while playing basketball. 

In addition, you can also experience an ankle injury when you try to stop suddenly and change direction every few seconds when you are running instead of basketball shoes.

Final Words

We ask that you always consider your safety and comfort. As well as your performance-related goals before choosing a shoe. Shoe manufacturers spend a lot of money, time, and effort designing shoes that meet the requirements of a particular sport.

Now, you can clearly see the difference between basketball shoes and running shoes, right? To ensure your safety, choose specialized pairs for different sports! And don’t forget to rate our article as helpful!

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