Best High Top Basketball Shoes

With hundreds of High Top basketball shoes available in the market today, we are lucky to have such opportunity to choose what we like. We can buy whatever we want and use it whenever we want as this comes with our own decision and perception as shoes enthusiasts. From choosing what color to use, features to be expressed and quality to consider, we all tend to look for something that will make an impact to us.

Thus, above all these, we still find it hard to find one that has all these main characteristics. Why? As low tops become widely known, High tops slowly becomes left behind. Why High tops comes still one for you to buy?

Well high tops may look old and classic but this comes with high quality materials specifically modern one that reduces most of the weight of the shoes. Moreover, it feels to be more protected and safe to wear high tops most preferably for big and heavy basketball players. 

we cannot hide the fact that it is in our system to change minds at all times. We also consider reviews just to justify whether that one is good or not. 

Luckily, choosing one will not be that hard anymore. It will most likely be less hectic to read and search for that specific shoes that will grab your attention for a guide comes here to help you. So, to give you out more idea on what shoes is better for you, here’s a guide to the Best High Top Basketball Shoes you must consider to read before buying one.

Comparison Table

As we go over the presentation of Best High Top Shoes, you can first look at the summarize details for the shoe brand we are going to discuss. This will help you have at least a preview and a quick check on what shoes looks interesting for you.  

The shoe brands have different characteristics to show. They come in different issues and features that might give them a thumbs up or down. Thus, what’s more important is that how it managed to be on the top list we have. Thus, remember that these are just some of the best High Top Basketball shoes available in the market.  

To give you a quick review, Here’s a short comparison table showing the top 10 best high top basketball shoes we have in the market today.  From its brand name to recommendation, you will not probably be lost anymore in the word of shoes. Well you’ll probably need to check out this one now.

Top 8 Best High Top Basketball Shoes

There’s nothing easier than to read reviews and guide on how to choose the best shoes you’ll ever had.  It is important to read reviews to be able to protect yourself from being hooked into noting. Today, fraud is truly rampant. As they promise you that it is an authentic item, it comes just like a copy of the original shoes afterwards. Thus, what comes more disappointing is if you pay for the price that is not equal to the shoes’ quality.

Before buying, check first what specifications it truly has. Well, to give you out specific ideas, here’s a discussion on product review that shows all the characteristics of the shoes based on feedback from some users. Also be hooked by its features that is truly made not just for the feast for the eyes but also for comfortableness and easy usage. 

Let’s start to dig in to the best high top basketball shoes.

Air Jordan 35

Air Jordan 35

Highlighted Features:

  • Great traction and grip
  • Responsive and comfortable cushion
  • Premium materials
  • Optimum support

With a rating of 9.1, it is no doubt that this pair of basketball shoes is considered best among the best. It works well for any positions available in the team. Equally promotes the same experience that is truly exceptional. 

The material is premium and very breathable making it an attractive. The design is basically a combination of old and new school materials. With its overall performance, it is truly one of the best on basketball shoes world. 

From its reviews, it comes very well when played. It helps the user perform better and from experiences, its traction is the same as with Jordan 34 that works well on dusty areas. Its cushion is made under the perfect setup. Moreover, it is also where Zoom Air is considered a large volume that promotes responsiveness and comfortableness when used even on outdoor activities. 


  • The setup of the cushion is superb
  • Highly Supportive


  • Rubbing the arch or heel area

Nike Lebron Soldier 13

Nike Lebron Soldier 13

Highlighted Features:

  • No-lace design
  • Crafted materials

Mainly, the Nike Lebron Soldier 13 is a way different than the other basketball shoes we’ve had. From its features, it looks different than how we see basketball shoes before.

Nike Lebron Soldier 13 comes laceless, which is applauded by various testers. It comes with a strap that could be easily worn. Also, it could keep you away from tripping off during the game because of the lace. 

The materials used is crafted to promote comfortableness and ease when used in game. It will help you perform well as this shoe has the right materials that could withstand any situation in the game.

Moreover, as it comes laceless, you will not worry about having it undone in any situations that comes. 

With a rating of 8.8, reviews say this pair of shoes works well in any category. From its cushion to its traction that works perfectly giving user the best game experience.  Aside from its perfectly attached materials, the shoes are very comfortable without worrying about having it accidentally untied. Also, it comes perfectly used for players who comes heavier on weight.


  • Superb Traction
  • Supportive as it is 


  • Could be way more comfortable

Nike Kyrie 6

Highlighted Features:

  • Amazing traction in any direction
  • Soft Phylon cushion
  • Comfortable and soft material
  • Bouncy Zoom Turbo

The main feature Nike Kyrie offers is its traction, which comes as great as always. It makes some amazing stop approach even in different paths. Its ability to cope your agility with ease is what shoes must possess especially on sports like basketball.

Moreover, it has a Phylon Cushioning right on its heel which promotes comfortableness brought by its softness. That is why you feel comfortable I every step and when running during the game. 

Its Zoom Turbo also gives out a bounce that could also promote incredible feel when worn. Feel like the shoes is one with you as this feature could enhance your performance in the game. It also has a Herringbone Traction which has a deep pattern, minimally vulnerable to dust, making them the best high top outdoor basketball shoes.

With a rating of 8.8, reviews show this brand of basketball shoes is a signature of previous shoe models we have. Users expresses that the shoes give them perfect stability in any ways. Promoting ease and comfort in crossovers protecting ones from falling off. 


  • Superb Traction
  • Cushioning comes as Nike Zoom Turbo
  • Promotes ease in crossover


  • Comes way smaller than various Kyries

Nike Lebron 17 

Nike Lebron 17

Highlighted Features:

  • Superior cushioning system
  • Protects the forefoot and heel
  • Thick, soft Knitposite material
  • Supportive and comfortable shoe

Nike Lebron 17 is considered one of the expensive shoe brands today. Why? Let’s take a look to what this pair of shoes could offer. Its big Max Air and Zoom is combined creating a heel and forefoot benefit. It comes equally comfortable in any parts of the shoes, giving you an ease in playing.

It provides an impact protection as well as a bounce to keep your every step comfortable when used.  With a rating of 8.6, Its cushion comes highly comfortable whereas they even called it as “god-levels”. It also has a new Knitposite that is made by quality material that promises to give comfort brought by the thickness and softness of the material. 

Thus, despite this, some still don’t like most of its features including the white rubber on the shoes. Also, the material is somehow thick, it comes hot in a while. Maybe because the shoes are not that breathable compared to other shoes in the market.


  • Superb Cushioning comes Highly Comfortable
  • Upper Materials are made under premium ones


  • Retail Price is high
  • Heavy on weight

New Balance OMN1S

Highlighted Features:

  • Fuel Cell cushion
  • Herringbone traction
  • High-quality upper materials
  • Promotes balance

This sneaker made a huge noise in the industry as its features unique characteristics that other shoes doesn’t have. It has a Herringbone patterned traction that helps user to be more responsible. The traction used is of high quality that gives the user comfortableness and ease in every step.

Aside from that, New Balance comes with a Fuel-Cell foam that gives out comfortableness when used even in games. Thus, the rubber could attract more dust in return. Moreover, it is created under high quality materials that could withstand various situations and could last for a long period of time. This could be of use of all players regarding of their positions in the game. Which is why it is considered a basketball shoe for all. 

With a rating of 8.7, reviews regarding the shoes expresses that it has a great cushioning. Aside from that, users applauded the fact that it already made its mark as it is already known to be one of the best shoes in the market today. 


  • The Fuel Cell Cushioning promotes comfort
  • Materials are high-quality
  • It guarantees durability


  • Its rubber attracts dust easily

Jordan Why Not Zero. 3

Jordan Why Not Zero. 3

Highlighted Features:

  • Traction is great
  • Responsive foam cushion
  • Russell’s signature

This is said to be Russel Westbrook’s signature sneakers for the third time. Guess what, as this made a name in the shoe industry, it gained drawn positive diverse reviews. Thus, it features more than one capability.

It has a Zoom Air unit that gives exceptional comfort in the user’s forefoot. The foam gives a total protection on the heel solidly. It covers almost all the vital parts of the heel to give it a bounce and prevent you from acquiring any heel injuries.

With a rating of 8.4, reviews show it is most commonly referring to lateral cuts that is vulnerable on dusty areas.  Some sees the materials under premium quality but still performs well when used.  It also less bulky compared to its former models.

Meanwhile its lockdown and support are superb, which is brought by its system on lacing, straps on mid foot and Achilles Pillows that comes big. Well, as these features comes beneficial, it cannot hide the fact that Jordan Why Not Zero .3 promotes perfect experience including balance when used.


  • The Zoom Air comes with a big unit over forefoot
  • Compared to other models, this appears to be less bulky


  • Vulnerable to dusty court
  • Materials looks like it’s is not made under premium materials.

Nike Air Zoom UNVRS

Highlighted Features:

  • Zoom Air Strobel cushion
  • Rubber traction
  • Flyknit materials
  • FlyEase lace system

Cushion is one of the best assets of this basketball shoes. It comes perfectly attached and comes way breathable. Its Zoom Air Strobel Board comes in full length which means it supports every part of your feet promoting comfortableness when used.  

It also feels to be bouncy perfect to any situations that comes during the game. With a rating of 7.7, reviewers found some problems that for them are not that dashing to be seen and even feel. First issue includes the traction that does not support quick response to stops and slides simultaneously. 

Moreover, the Flyknit material on the upper part is not solely for the best move you could do on the basketball game. It also has slippage issue from the lacing which comes way distracting. Yet, this still comes easy to use compared to others.

Overall, this shoes still exerts comfortableness and the way users react maybe different towards each other and you’ll only know what to say on the review when you tried it yourself.


  • It offers superior comfort because of the full-length cushion
  • The cushion offers enough bounce
  • Simple to use lacing system 


  • Traction lacks in some ways
  • Has issue on slippage on the Heel and its containment

Nike Lebron 18

Nike Lebron 18

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Best setup of cushion
  • Responsive combination of cushion
  • Max Air, Cushlon, and Zoom Air

Nike Lebron 18, like the other shoes, has also a lot to offer. Check this out!

It has a best cushion compared to other shoe brands which comes to be its strength. Th cushion is made under quality material which could withstand any harsh game situation and will surely last for a period of time.

It also has a good combination of full length Zoom Air, Cushions and Max Air that promotes comfort and complete response in the game. The Nike Lebron 18 has a justifiable price because the materials used were truly superb and durable. It is truly a great buy for those who are looking for a quality shoes to buy.

With a rating of 8.2, reviewers share that the product comfortably fits to sizes. Thus, it does not perfectly promotes stability as well as containment for its out-sole is so high to the ground and too soft. It also has a problem with its tongue as it feels to rub specifically on top of foot. 


  • The cushion is considered outstanding
  • Materials used are premium


  • Containment and lateral Stability is off the quality
  • Tongue comes too uncomfortable

Best High Top Basketball Shoes - Buying Guide

Best High Top Basketball Shoes

Buying a product over a trusted store is somehow challenging especially if it is done online. Purchasing for the first time would be very hard to do also as you might be on the risky part wherein you’ll not know if it is authentic or fake. 

Thus, buying one will not be a hassle anymore. You will need to worry anymore about anything as here’s a guide on how and where to buy legit products that will surely bring back the effort you done to find the right shoes for you. 

To help you find the right one, here’s a guide for you to consider.


The first thing to consider is what shoe size fits you. It is important to buy shoes that perfectly fit your feet so that you can perform well in the game. Having a bigger shoe will definitely have it unworn and probably you’ll trip off. Thus, having a smaller shoe will just result in a tightening of your feet and will probably give you cramps. 

To know what shoe size fits in you, you can measure your feet size. Or if not, try putting them on and see if it feels comfortable or not. The size matters all the time. Do not base on what your eyes see, as every individual's feet differ from one another. 


The appearance also is a thing that matters when choosing one. You can choose what looks suit you or what taste of shoe design you want. Though this seems to be unimportant, you must consider the design that looks better and comfortable because you and your shoes become one.


Maybe this one is the most important of them all. Having high-quality shoes is a must so that you can use it very well. It is important that the shoes are of quality materials so that they will last for a long period. 

Everything about the shoes must be out of perfect materials. Though almost all shoes come with different vulnerabilities, depending on who will wear one, it is important to choose the one that has a minimal issue. Don’t waste your money purchasing shoes that are not worth buying. You must be very vigilant and careful to check whether or not it is authentic. 

Moreover, it must be perfectly made from cushion to sole. So that you will not worry about having it destroyed during the game. It will keep you as well away from any unexpected incidents that will interrupt your game. 

Lace or Strap

Shoes today come in various aspects. Both lace and strap are useful thus it is important to choose which one you will use. They both have benefits wherein lace comes more secured and classic. On the other hand, the strap comes innovative, thus, feels more comfortable and easy to wear. 

Thus, the decision comes down to what you prefer. Make sure to choose a pair of basketball shoes that will make you feel comfortable and convenient. 

Remember that it is you who will carry the shoes. Be mindful of what decision you will make as it will affect your performance in the game. 


Price also is a thing you must consider. Remember that a shoe’s quality doesn’t refer to its price. There are shoes that cost high, thus, still not that good and there are even shoes that are affordable yet, it does not sacrifice the quality. 

Never buy one that quite pricey thus the quality is not good. Be mindful enough when deciding so that you will not regret one later. Remember to read feedback and reviews to know what kind of shoes are you dealing with. 

Online and Personal Purchasing

There are different kinds of market to where you can buy your dream shoes. All you need to do is to carefully choose a legitimate store to buy. It is truly risky to buy, especially online, and if you choose this one, you might need to carefully examine the process as well as the store whom you are buying too. 

Thus, buying one personally, you can see the item right in front of you. This is somehow beneficial as you can know exactly if it is a good item or not. You can even decline to buy it in an instant if you feel like it is not good rather than buying online where you can’t give it back once purchased.

These are just some guides that you might consider when buying one. You must be a vigilant buyer to be able to buy the best item you could have. You will not waste any time and money if you can look for the item that is worth your wait. 

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the high top basketball shoes you might consider buying. As the world of shoes becomes wide, there are more unique and superb shoes that you might probably love to have. 

As time goes by, High Top Basketball shoes have been slowly losing their fame, thus these classic shoes will still have that chance to outshine and claim back their spot. As shoe brands continue to produce High Tops, you could still see them in the industry. You could still see how it is considered as a good item you could choose aside from low tops that are widely known as the shoes of the modern-day.

It provides benefits that low tops could never have. These best high top basketball shoes for ankle support give you that excellent performance. You could already see that High tops can be a good option too. Seems classic, thus as it adds a touch of modernness, you could see that it can also manage to level the bar with other shoe types.  As its designs are more appealing as well as it's quality that could beat other shoes, you could see how it strives to be the best shoe classification today.

All you need to do is to try. As these shoes are making its name, as well as inspired by legendary individuals, you could now see how good it was even without you trying one. Thus, you will not know if it is good enough if you don’t let your feet try one.  Experience-wise, it is better to try first before you buy one.

Discover more one-of-a-kind shoes that will suit your taste and will meet your expectations. There is no limit in choosing one, the only limit you’ll probably have is if you are already satisfied with what your chosen shoes have to offer. 

It is best to have some detailed information in mind so that you can easily pick the right one.

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