Best Women Basketball Shoes

As women's basketball is slowly becoming known today, likewise with the men, they also must have the idea about certain things that girdle inside the said sport. From the rules and game plans, even on what to wear, it is just that they know something about it. Well, on top of that, one thing that must also be taken into consideration is what shoes she is going to use. 

Basketball shoes take an essential part when playing a game. It affects the overall performance of the players not only on its positive side but neither on the negative side. That is why it is important to choose the best shoe that suits the needs of your feet.

Well, to give you an idea of what shoes come better, here are some of the best women basketball shoes available in the market today. With its featured characteristics, you might be able to consider it before buying one. Let's check this out then.

Nike LeBron 18 (“Play for the Future”)

Highlighted Features

  • Knitposite 2.0 breathable material
  • Padded collar
  • Special lacing design
  • Molded TPU on the heel
  • Multidirectional traction

The shoes feature a color scheme of blue as well as white colors. This color expresses purity likewise with clean and unpolluted quality of air. The style on low to top expresses a breathable function. Most especially on KnitPosite 2.0 where it has a collar that perfectly fits in any part of your feet. 

Moreover, the Max Air has an impact on cushioning especially on the heel. Also, a volume of the zoom air comes high which even includes a TPU that is molded to give a perfect balance and grip for the user.

This comes perfect on clean courts but yet vulnerable on dusty ones. Also, it can be perfectly used in an outside environment which is an advantage, unlike other shoe brands. 

Yet some reviews consistently say that the stability on its lateral is poor, brought by the texture of the outsole which comes soft and high. Thus despite this, they still believe that this brand shoe comes perfect to be used in the game.


  • Cushion comes outstanding
  • Made of premium materials
  • Works well on outdoor courts 


  • Containment and stability of lateral is poor
  • Its tongue comes uncomfortably

Under Armour Curry Flow 8 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Curry Flow 8 Basketball Shoes

Highlighted Features

  • UA Flow cushion
  • Sock-like top design
  • Pebax plate
  • Stretchy collar

This shoe features a knit that is flat as well as an upper which is considered like a sock and an overlay that comes synthetic to support the strategic pattern you have. Moreover, this comes very light and also flexible too which promotes great grip like other best shoe brands. These shoes also make you have the best agility to start and stop simultaneously.

The cushion comes comfortable, which gives the user great and responsive feels. Also, the shoe has traction that is superb and the outsole comes with a complete foam that offers full padding. Well, because of this, they consider this as one of the best in the curry lineup.


  • The tractions stop on a dime
  • Cushioning comes great


  • The sizing often comes undistinguished

Adidas Basketball Harden Vol. 5 Futurenatural Shoes

Adidas Basketball Harden Vol. 5 Futurenatural Shoes

Highlighted Features

  • Lightstrike and boost combo
  • Torsional spring and support
  • Plush interior
  • Stiff plastic on the upper

This shoe is colorful and makes a good appeal to everyone who sees it. It is inspired by James Harden's powerful take as well as agility to perform. Moreover, it is a combination of comfort as well stability made possible by its high energy on its cushion on the midsole. 

These best women basketball shoes are very prone to collect dust, which may be one of its negative sides. But both the boost as well as a light strike is a good combination to promote comfort to the user. 


  • Lateral Stability is on Good Level
  • Guarantees maximum control
  • Provides superior fit
  • Has seamless mould
  • Super responsive and lightweight
  • Supports rapid changes of direction 


  • Containment, as well as the stability of lateral, comes poor
  • Heel support is not that good
  • Poor design of the insole

Puma Double DISC Basketball Shoe

Highlighted Features

  • Disc system
  • Sock collar with knitting
  • Profoam cushion
  • Laceless

This comes with a unique DISC System which comes in both archive and modern for a highly valuable lockdown as well as stability. This shoe is crafted with knitting as well as a sock collar which promotes a perfect fit. Aside from that, what they call ProFoam is a bang as it provides cushioning that provides a perfect grip.

The product is an upgrade of the original non-shoelace of Puma in 1991. This comes with the traction of tacky rubber unlike others and a Profoam in the midsole. Moreover, these womens high top basketball shoes are very eye-catching because of their color and appearance. 

With its performance, the DISC system is not so good. It does not provide enough fitness vamp. In terms of anti-torsion, this pair of basketball shoes for women works well. It comes with thick rubber that makes it wear resistant. It is ideal for players who are lightweight. It may be heavy, but has low gravity.


  • The Disc system is superb and one of a kind
  • Cool non-shoelace design
  • Has wide outsole
  • Offers good overall strength
  • Excellent traction performance 


  • Vulnerable to dust
  • Not so good fitness vamp

Jordan One take II Basketball Shoes

Highlighted Features

  • Soft midsole
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable and durable materials
  • Appealing style
  • Comfortable cushion

Considered as the lightest women's low top basketball shoes available today. It also comes with a strong appeal from behind. Crafted in line with zoom air, this protects you from any situations like slipping off and sliding too as it holds a total grip. 

The product goes perfectly insane. With minimal issues, these shoes are superb to support the needs of the user. With so much to offer, it cannot hide the fact that it goes overboard with watching the reviewers think. 

Thus above this, the fact that it's praised positively by the reviewers prove it is truly a good choice to buy. Most especially for women who live in a minimalist color of the shoes.


  • Has a strong grip
  • The best choice of reviewers
  • Comfortable midsole cushion
  • Offers the size that fits you
  • The breathable materials add comforts and ventilation of the shoe


  • Vulnerability to dust

New Balance Two WXY Basketball Shoes

Highlighted Features

  • Lace up closure
  • Ortholite sockliner
  • Kinetic stitch design
  • Fuelcell cushion
  • Positionless support

This show comes with a superb bite. It could be of great use in both indoor and outdoor games as its durability is high. 

Moreover, its cushion presents a Fuel Cell Foam that comes low reaching the ground. Thus the performance still comes great as its responsiveness combines with the impact protection well.   

The product comes minimal and also light in weight. For the performance, it helps the user bring out its best especially for women who find these shoes perfect because it is easier to carry. Moreover, this could be played by all players as this comes universal because of its capability and durability. 


  • Traction is great
  • Cushion is greatly responsive
  • Offers midsole stability
  • Flexible and comfortable


  • Improvement for impact protection could be done
  • They fit somehow comes weird

Converse G4 Iridescent

Highlighted Features

  • React foam puck
  • ERX-260 overlay design
  • Synthetic ankle collar
  • Midsole rubber encasing

This both works well in indoor and outdoor as its traction is superb. Thus, it is somehow vulnerable to dust but then could be cleaned off right away. The setup of the cushion is active as well as the react cushion is more compact than those who are in shoes that are used for running. 

Materials are highly recommended as they complete the overall performance of the shoes. They are comfortable and could glide swiftly without worrying about slipping off. Thus some find it quite long and also narrow, that is why you need to have it personalized by adjusting the size that fits yours. 

Moreover, the stability is perfect, which means that there are no major issues with it. 


  • The build comes stable as well as rigid
  • The cushion has a responsive setup
  • Midsole guarantees stability
  • The ankle collar protects the Achilles area


  • Less impact protection
  • Quite hot to play with

Reebok Kamikaze II Boktober Basketball Shoes

Highlighted Features

  • Premium nubuck and tumbled leather material
  • EVA midsole
  • Hexalite cushion
  • Rubber outsole

The material used on the shoes is both from leather that is tumbled as well as premium nubuck. The color comes like Halloween theme-inspired shoes like a pumpkin lantern. The high ankle protection it has comes as a great cover.

Moreover, it features an EVA Midsole that comes, lightweight. Also, it has an outsole that is out of traction rubbers as well as cushion made of Hexalite, which is shock-absorbing. The product comes superbly from its capability up to the materials used. These best women basketball shoes are made solely for comfort and ease. Using it guarantees experiencing a good play. 

The material may not be premium, but ensures no break-in and it works perfectly. With the size, you can ensure getting the right size fit to your feet. The midsole seems like a cup that keeps the foot in place.


  • The product comes comfortable and easy to use
  • It is lightweight
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Supports impact absorption


  • Vulnerable to dust sticking

Adidas Pro Boost Low Basketball Shoes 

Highlighted Features

  • Herringbone modified pattern
  • Lightstrike cushion
  • Impact absorber
  • The midsole protects impact
  • Combination of woven material, textile, and fabric

These shoes come very light thus responsive. The user could traverse with ease without encountering any problems. It also has a knit upper tagged together with a fire band below. It also has a lacing system in line with a secured cord. Thus also comes with at least 9 colors that perfectly match everyone who wore it. 

The product is highly recommended as this has a much firmer cushion than others. It has a band that is elastic which goes with the tongue for a lock. The materials used are superb that gives justice to its price. 

Moreover, the reviewers had nothing bad to say about the product as they are all satisfied with it. It is truly a great one to have which can be used both indoor and outdoor.


  • Simple and lightweight
  • Supportive as it is


  • Less comfortable than others.

Nike Mama Fury Basketball Shoes

Highlighted Features

  • Good lockdown and support
  • Budget model
  • Materials just right

This comes similar to what Mamba Focus offers. The product's cushion comes simple and has less protection to offer. Thus, above this, the good thing comes as you could feel the court when this is used. The materials are standard but still serve the best purpose it has. 

The design comes superb and the cushion seems minimal. Thus despite this, the product still serves the best service it could offer to the user.


  • Simple and light
  • The design is appealing


  • Minimal cushion
  • Less protection

Puma Clyde Hardwood Team Basketball Shoes

Highlighted Features

  • Forefoot Herringbone pattern
  • Midfoot milk crate pattern
  • Good traction and grip
  • Profoam cushion
  • Combination of textile, synthetic and genuine leather
  • Torsion support

The shoes come with a breathable knit (upper) with a collar as well as a tongue that comes thin enough. Because of this, fitness comes perfectly equal. Thus the main focus of the product goes down on its highlight which is the Midsole. Profoam is what the product offers the same purpose to give comfort and ease. Moreover, it has a heel that presents a lock fit as rubber that keeps the outsole’s traction compact. 

The product is still recommended by reviewers. They could tell that it has what it takes to be called one of the best basketball shoes in the market. Thus offering what it has surely will benefit players in the game.


  • Lightweight
  • Low-cost
  • Offers heel and torsion support
  • Good lockdown along the lateral side and forefoot


  • Vulnerable to dust 

Buying Guide: How To Buy One

Thinking about buying shoes is somehow challenging. You could be in a great problem when the time comes that you need a new pair of shoes. Thus, you might be considering the fact of what perfectly suits your taste and how it will help you perform your task well. 

Above all, you cannot go and buy shoes alone without any idea, and so, here are some buying tips to help you choose the best shoes you could have. Consider various aspects that you need to bear in mind and be able to meet the matched shoes of yours. 

Comfort first before Style.

Thinking about having shoes, you must very carefully choose what will make you feel at ease. You must choose the comfort first before style and let yourself feel relaxed on the way it is walked rather than the way it is seen by others. 

Moreover, the shoes you choose must be easy to walk with to be able for you to perform a movement at ease. As you will use it for sports, it should be in a great grip so that you will be away from any danger like slipping off a dusty court.

Match your size.

As for shoes today come in different sizes and can also be personalized, you must be able to know the perfect size of your feet. When you are in sports, you must have perfectly fit shoes to be able to perform the game well. 

Loose shoes could trigger you from tripping as well as overly fit shoes could hurt your feet. That is why it is important to buy one that is exactly the size of your feet. And as shoes don’t exactly fit yours even if the size is the same as your size because it came from across countries, you must always try to wear one and feel if it comes comfortable or not. 

For some tips, here are the specific tasks you need to consider to be able to match the perfect size of your feet. 


First and foremost, all the aspects you need to consider are the height. Not all basketball shoes share the same height and that is what you need to know about below.


It wraps your ankle that supports protection and stability.


It sits perfectly on the ankle without covering the entire spot which provides protection and promotes flexibility. 


This mainly supports the agility of the user. This comes with lesser protection for an ankle that makes the user move freely without interrupting the ankle. 

The Midsole

This is where the Cushioning can be found. This is where comfortableness comes because of the layered foam that protects your feet. 

Thus be careful to choose the foam used in the shoes as they vary in terms of weight. EVA comes the lightest among these foam materials whereas polyurethane comes heavier as it is denser yet more durable than EVA. 

The Outsole

This comes from the outer layer of your footwear. A rubber-like material where the traction takes a point. This is what holds a grip on the floor to keep you balanced and safe. Thus, you must be considerate in choosing one and remember to have footwear that could be of protection to your feet.

Consider their Aesthetics.   As we have said, you must not also look for a shoe that prioritizes look over capability. Thus if you could find one that has both these characteristics, then it is the perfect one you’ve been looking for. As women often come to be picky, they must be considerate of what shoes they would possibly like to wear. 

By choosing the design and color of your shoes, you are already showing what kind of personality you have. That is why it is important that you know what colors represent you as a person.

Set aside the price. We all know that good shoes come at a great price. Thus, you must also think that it is better to have a quality of shoes that you will see would last for a long period of time. It could withstand hard situations and you will not worry about anything when using one during the game. 

It is better to buy one that is surely superb even if it costs that much than one that would only last a few weeks and will keep you spending more money as time goes by. 

Final Thoughts

We have done knowing the best women basketball shoes that are available in the market. With its amazing features and superb materials, it is truly a perfect buy. Therefore, it just lands on where you think you could fit in and what taste suits yours. These are just some of the shoe brands that offer the same purpose as what you are looking for. 

The capabilities of these shoes vary. The purpose as well as how it works are different from each other. Well, above all these differences one thing comes down as the same and that is to help you perform well in the game. 

Women will be at ease to use these top womens basketball shoes in-game. It will not keep them off by the fact that these shoes are totally fit and suits incredibly to the choice they have. Guiding them to what shoes are the best and how to choose one, will not be a problem anymore because a guide had already come in front of them.

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