Could a Zombie Apocalypse Really Happen?

Zombies are a concept that is no longer strange to everyone. It’s also an interesting topic, has many elements to explore, and has become a movie or game that many people enjoy. 

However, many people just think that this is a fictional joke and can not happen in reality. So are zombies real, and are they in danger of becoming an apocalyptic disaster? Join us to find out about this issue in the following article!

Could a Zombie Apocalypse Really Happen?

A zombie apocalypse can happen at any time. Scientists still study every day and there are hundreds of variations produced. One of these scientific findings could turn out to be a man-eating virus.

Several surveys have shown that people do not believe that zombies are real and that a zombie apocalypse will not happen. However, this is just a belief and has no basis to prove it. 

But surely zombie-themed movies or games are not just creative thoughts. Those movies must have taken inspiration or have some basis.

Trees are seemingly harmless plants, but there are also carnivorous plants. So you won’t be able to predict when zombies will arrive. We need to understand the possible causes and prepare for the worst.

The Causes Of Zombies

Medical error

There are many cases of exploding or spawning harmful viruses during the research of new drugs. More patients reported and clear action will be less dangerous. 

However, scientists do not find a way to solve or destroy them in many cases, leaving unpredictable results. In some cases where errors occur but are hidden because they are not resolved thoroughly, there will also be consequences.

Gene structure changes

Few people know that carnivorous plants are the result of the hybridization and genetic modification of plants. This is quite possible in living animals and can even be carried out or spread to humans. 

Direct testing on live humans is uncommon. However, it will be difficult to control if laboratories are not transparent and public about their results and experiments.

Mass epidemics

Diseases and viruses can affect the nervous system, causing complications such as hallucinations. In some cases, it can lead to hysteria and the spread of disease because of uncontrolled self Dear. 

In the process of infection, many variations will be created based on the environment, climate, etc. So we need to have early detection and prevent viruses from spreading too widely in the community.

Parasitic virus

Parasites and viruses are the objects most likely to cause a zombie pandemic because they can mate, multiply, and spread quickly. The virus is difficult to control and once it has spread, it arises at such a fast rate that it is difficult to control it. 

One measure to prevent this risk is to clean and disinfect regularly. Besides, the scientific team also needs to learn and develop antibiotics to solve these problems.

What To Do When Zombies Really Happen

We do not want the zombie apocalypse but need to equip the knowledge to survive if this really happens. 

We need to have a detailed plan for this because maybe zombies will last for a long time, not just for a short day or two.

Usually, people panic and lose control easily. This makes it difficult for yourself and those around you because you may attract and target zombies. 

So the first thing we need to do is keep a stable and calm mind to make informed decisions in situations that arise.

Food is essential to sustain life. But you will have a hard time finding everyday items in such circumstances to use. 

So you should be ready to stockpile drinking water and compact energy supplements in the house. 

This is extremely necessary because you will not be able to know when the zombies will arrive.

Don’t let yourself get sick while dealing with zombies. So you need to prepare the necessary drugs and can be easily used in all cases. 

Some medicines you need to prepare such as cold medicine, cough medicine, and fever reducer.

You also need to prepare enough clothes to survive because you will most likely not be able to shower or wash clothes as usual. Some measures to keep warm also require careful attention and preparation, such as thermos or heating bags.


Science is evolving, the research works of professors and researchers will be published every day, and we can’t predict what will happen in the future. Even zombies that seem to only appear in movies can come tomorrow. 

So what we need to do is to prepare well mentally. And, try to equip ourselves with the knowledge to protect ourselves against potential risks of disease.

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