Does Basketball Make You Taller? What Is The Correct Answer? Discover now

Everyone wants to have the ideal height. They think that the ideal height will help them become more beautiful or work easier. People are very curious about how to increase height with basketball. So what is the correct answer? Let’s find out through the sharing below!

Does basketball make you taller?

Playing basketball can make you taller if you are in adulthood. Because, it increases the production of growth hormone. Therefore, playing basketball is a useful exercise to help you increase your height. 

Does Basketball Make You Taller

To clarify the issue of whether basketball helps you to grow taller or not. Please follow the analysis that we give in the next sharing.

Why do people think that playing basketball will make you taller?

Through basketball players

Needless to say, most basketball players are impressively tall. One of them is up to 7 feet tall and the other is 6 feet 7.

From the appearance of basketball teams, it is assumed that there is an association between playing basketball and height. Many theoretical sources say that playing basketball is like a growth hormone. Thereby increasing the height.

People claim that professional basketball players have an ideal height. Because they often play basketball.

Theories about increasing height when playing basketball

First, playing basketball requires the technique of running and jumping continuously. It is the reason why athletes grow taller faster. 

Because, it increases the body’s electric current to the brain. It also stimulates growth hormone leading to increased height.

Play basketball stimulates growth hormone leading to increased height

Second, continuous running and jumping helps to increase blood flow to all parts of the body. For example legs and spine. That leads to an increase in height. When this process repeats for a while. Height increase results will definitely come true.

Third, there are a significant number of nerves in your feet. They are mainly connected to the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland. These two organs are responsible for regulating human growth.

When running and jumping regularly, these nerves will activate. It sends important signals to the growth organs.

Several recent studies have shown a correlation between increasing height and jumping ability. It is a move that players often have to perform in basketball. This confirms that it is true that basketball training increases height.

Fourth, the way to play basketball to increase height is to jump high. It will increase the flow and production of fluids in the body. Everything from your saliva to your spinal fluid.

When you jump, your body produces a hormone IGF-1 (similar to growth factor Insulin-1). Especially inside the legs and spinal cord. This hormone is scientifically proven to help lengthen your bones. Thus helping you to grow taller more efficiently and quickly.

What do scientific studies and facts say?

The public’s speculations are without foundation. There is very little research showing that playing basketball increases height. In fact, playing basketball can only affect the height of growing people.

Actual situation

Everyone can see that not all NBA players are tall. In a team there will also be short people. They are even longtime basketball players. But they still don’t have the ideal height.

Not all NBA players are tall

Playing basketball really helps people to grow taller. There will be no drugs to support height increase. Or dangerous leg lengthening surgeries.

All dwarves will work hard at basketball to increase their height. This is not possible!

In fact, playing basketball only affects a person’s height during the growing period. If the development phase is over. It is very difficult for you to increase your height in any way.

To increase height by playing basketball, the age of 6-18 years old is the most suitable. This is the time of physical development of each person. Musculoskeletal is still able to grow at this time.

Taking advantage of this time to play basketball will help children and teenagers soon have an ideal height. After a while playing basketball. You can completely feel the positive changes in your body.

Scientific theories

Many scientific theories show that genetics and nutrition affect height. And playing basketball only plays a small role.

Genetics determine height

Genetics is one of the factors that directly affect height. Researchers have proven that genetics account for 60-80% of an individual’s height.

That’s why you might see a family of tall people or a family of short people. Genetics is something of a miracle. It determines many things about your body, including height.

Diet affects height

In addition to genetics, nutrients are also a factor in determining your height. It will be difficult for a person to fully develop when they lack nutrients.

When you provide enough nutrients for the body it will nurture your height to grow

It’s like when you plant a tree. You only take care of one plant and the other does not. You will realize the important influence of nutrients.

When you provide enough nutrients for the body. It will nurture your height to grow in the best direction. On the contrary, when there is a lack of nutrients, there will be nothing to feed your body.

In addition to diet, there are environments and habits that affect height. Living in an environment full of facilities to help develop height. You will be taller than those who live in harsh environments.

From that you can see that playing basketball does not increase your height. It only has a certain influence in the stage of human development. Once the development is over, basketball will not be able to affect height.

What should I do to increase height while growing?

At the growing stage you can improve your height. Follow the tips below to increase height.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important to humans. This is the amount of time the whole body is working. Deep sleep will help them work more efficiently.

It is not wrong to say that your body is growing while you sleep. So deep sleep will help people increase height.

Deep sleep will help people increase height

Eat nutritious food

The human body can develop fully when it has enough nutrients. This means that height will grow to its maximum when there are enough nutrients. You should eat enough nutrients, not picky eaters.

In addition, you can eat many substances that help increase height such as eggs, foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. You can also take supplements to help increase height. Choose a reputable and quality drug.

Avoid eating unhealthy foods such as fatty foods, toxic stimulants.

Sports training

A healthy body will help height grow better. Daily exercise makes the muscles and bones work. They stimulate growth hormones and increase your height.

Basketball is the sport you should practice during this time. They are really helpful for your height.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does drinking milk help to grow taller?

Maybe! There are different types of milk. But in general, they all bring benefits to the body. Milk helps add calcium and helps keep bones strong.

Many people believe that drinking milk helps to grow taller. But milk plays only a small role. The deciding factor is still genetics and nutrition.

2. What is the average height of basketball players?

The average height of most basketball players is 6 feet 7. A very impressive number. However this is the average height. Not all basketball players are that tall!

3. I’m 5 feet 4, can I play basketball?

Yes! Basketball is for everyone. You can play basketball if you want. It requires more skill. Height is just one of the advantages.


Basketball is not what makes you taller. It only affects your height when you are in the growing stage. Genetics and new diet are the factors that determine height. Does basketball make you taller? Hopefully, our sharing will help you have the ideal height.

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