The Explanation On How Do Emergency Blankets Work?

The emergency blanket is an item that is not known to many people but is an indispensable item for adventurers. Today, we can easily find these blankets and take them with us when we go away. These blankets have a compact design that doesn’t take up much space and is easy to store.

How Do Emergency Blankets Work?

Emergency blankets work by insulating heat from the outside and maintaining the temperature inside the blanket.

Specifically, the main mechanism of action of emergency blankets is to keep the body warm by the temperature we are born with. The metal surface is impervious to water, preventing wind and heat from coming into contact with the body.

Emergency blankets can be an effective heat-retaining sheet. With this blanket, you will not be afraid of heat shock due to sudden temperature changes. 

This will help reduce injuries or diseases of the heart, blood sugar, reduce the risk of sudden death for cases with underlying medical conditions.

The material of emergency blankets is mainly waterproof metal. With the first announced designs, emergency blankets can hold 90% of the heat emitted by the body. After much testing and further development, this number has increased to 93-95%. 

However, it is because of this that emergency blankets work mainly by mechanical heat. These blankets are to insulate from outside heat, so they cannot warm the body by transferring heat from the outside in.

Advantages Of Emergency Blanket

You can easily buy emergency blankets at any camping store or shop on e-commerce sites. Some first aid or emergency kits will also provide you with a certain number of emergency blankets.

The price of emergency blankets is affordable for most families. You can also buy MB in bulk to get a lower price. 

If you are afraid of not using it all, you can also share it with those around you because this is an essential item of every family.

Emergency blankets have a compact design that doesn’t take up too much space to store or carry on every trip. In addition, their average weight is also light, suitable for you to move without worrying easily.

Disadvantages Of Emergency Blanket

As you know, emergency blankets are thin and quite easy to tear. However, with the low price and the features that I bring, this is not too serious. 

Of course, if you’re looking for a more durable blanket, you can look for more expensive blankets with tear-resistant fabric. However, carrying these types of things is also quite difficult given their weight and bulkiness.

Popular Sizes Of Emergency Blankets

Initially, NASA only made emergency blankets of a single size. However, today the technology to make emergency blankets have evolved. Many manufacturers have owned this technology and made more sizes. 

This is not only to meet the needs of consumers but also to help the company sell more products. 

Here are some popular sizes you can find easily in the market:

  • Small Emergency blankets: 79” x 39” is a blanket with a small size, and not many people choose. At this size, they can only cover a child in an emergency. Therefore, it is not too popular and does not apply to many adults.
  • Popular Emergency blankets: 82” x 52” are the perfect size to buy in bulk as it will fit most people. 82” x 62” will suit people with a slightly larger body as its width is 10” larger than the standard one.
  • Large emergency blankets: 59” x 87” are larger than average, and you can use them for 2 small people or 1 tall person. In addition, the 71” x 142” type is designed to protect a family or a group of friends from 2-3 people. You can also use these emergency blankets to wrap around a large area to retain heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do emergency Blankets have a shadow layer?

Emergency blankets have a shiny outer layer to absorb heat from the outside. This shadow layer helps trap and absorb heat from all objects such as bodies, flames, and even light. 

This is an important component of the blanket to keep the body’s temperature stable and insulate from the outside environment.

2. What situations are emergency blankets suitable for?

Emergency blankets are a must-have product in your luggage when you plan to go on an adventure or outing. It will be very useful if you need to keep warm or have an emergency. 

So don’t forget to check the quantity and quality of emergency blankets so you can have a safe and fun trip.

3. What are the common types of emergency blankets?

Currently, there are many different types of emergency blankets on the market to suit many purposes and users’ needs. 

Today’s most popular type is Mylar from Switzerland, which helps to keep up to 90% of body temperature in emergencies such as heavy rain and blizzard. 

The next type is Bearnard, which is less well known because of its high price. With these emergency blankets, you can cover a large space suitable for many members. 

Another option from Go Time Gear Life helps you save money on emergency blankets because they are thicker. So, you can reuse them many times.


Emergency blankets have become popular these days, and you can easily find them in stores or find them on e-commerce sites. 

With their applications, emergency blankets are used in fire and emergency cases and can also be used in everyday life. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have learned a useful item in life.


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