How to get better at basketball at home?

Whether you play basketball as a professional or simply for fun, you need to improve your skills. Professional players can improve their skills by performing exercises on the field with a coach. You can also improve your skills with simple exercises at home. Let’s find out the methods to get better at basketball at home.

How to get better at basketball at home?

Since you are looking for exercises to practice at home, they should be simple. Here are some simple exercises to help you improve your basketball skills at home:

  • Front squats
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Planks
  • Lateral skater
  • Pull-up
  • Jump rope 
  • Crossover
  • Ricochet
  • Sprint and free throws
  • Wall passes

1. Front squats

This exercise is very beneficial for strengthening the whole body, especially your legs. Start by keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. 

Then, let’s squat down while keeping your back straight. Slowly stand up and return to the starting position. You can use dumbbells to raise the difficulty of the exercise.

You should do about 8 – 10 reps/set. Try to complete three sets.

How to get better at basketball at home

2. Bulgarian split squats

You should find an exercise bench and put one foot on the bench, and squat on one leg. After that, you need to slowly get up and return to the starting position. To increase your leg muscles, you should use dumbbells.

You should do about 8 – 10 reps/set. Do three sets of each leg.

How to get better at basketball at home 1

3.  Planks

If you don’t have experience, you should do the classic planks.

It is best to start around 45 seconds for one set and increased the time for the following sets. The rest time between each set is 30 seconds.

Once you have mastered the classic planks, you can try their variations.

4. Lateral skater

Although this exercise is a bit difficult for beginners, it is extremely effective. Like the two exercises above, it helps strengthen your lower body. Thanks to that, you will be able to make higher basketball jumps.

5. Pull-up

This is an exercise that strengthens the whole body, especially the back and wrists. This move seems to simulate jumping. Therefore, this exercise is very useful in improving endurance. In addition, it also helps you improve the accuracy of your shots.

6. Jump rope 

For basketball, endurance is a very important factor. Jumping rope is a very useful exercise in helping you improve your endurance.

First, you need to keep your back straight, holding one end of the jump rope in each hand. Start swinging over the front and jump with both feet.

You should jump rope continuously for 10 to 15 minutes or more.

How to get better at basketball at home 2

7. Crossover

This is one of the best techniques that you can practice at home on your own. You do not need anyone’s help. All you need is a basketball. Try techniques such as quick crossover. This exercise will help you improve your agility.

8. Ricochet

Ricochet is a great exercise to improve ball handling speed. Start with slightly bent back and knees, and hold a basketball in front of you with both hands. Then, hit the ball to the ground and catch it with your hand. Repeat until you have mastered this technique.

9. Sprint and free throws

This exercise is a bit hard for beginners. You will no longer have the strength to throw the ball after sprinting. Don’t worry; your fitness will get better over time.

You need to sprint for about 30 meters and make a pitch. You should do this exercise about three sets (5 times per set) to get the best results.

10. Wall passes

This exercise is very simple. All you need is to throw the ball at any point on the wall. Then step back a little and capture the ball with both hands. Make sure you’re back far enough for the ball to hit the ground before bouncing back into your hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to jump higher basketball?

You can regularly do exercises to strengthen the lower body. Some recommended exercises are front squats, Bulgarian split squats, and jumping rope.

2. Can dwarves play basketball?

The short answer is yes. It all depends on your skills. Practice consistently, and you will get amazing results.


To improve your skills, there is no other way but persistent practice. You may have a hard time in the first few days. Over time, your skills will get better. Hopefully, this article contains useful information for you.

Reference Source: How to: Get Better at Basketball AT HOME!!! Top 3 Basketball Drills You Can do ANYWHERE!

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