Keep Pace With How To Get Grip On Basketball Shoes? Best Tips For You

How To Get Grip On Basketball Shoes?Are you a big fan of basketball? Have you experienced a sensation of discomfort due to the slippery basketball shoes? If your answer is yes, dropping by this blog will be a wise option to capture “how to get grip on basketball shoes?”

Let’s glide through this article to assemble handy tricks to prepare for your next basketball rounds. Read now!

Keep Pace With How To Get Grip On Basketball Shoes

How To Get Grip On Basketball Shoes?

In fact, we have a wide range of ways to get a better grip on your basketball shoes. However, this writing will mention only the best tricks which are easy yet effective for you. Below are four of those.

Keep Your Shoes’ Soles Clean 

This is truly the first resort popping up in any basketball player’s mind when asked about improving their slippery shoes. The dirt or dust belongs to one of the biggest roots in causing this bad situation for shoes. 

These dirty spots can accumulate on your sports equipment, making it difficult to clean later if you forget to wipe them regularly. Hence, wiping your shoe’s soles every day becomes the key tip to keep your basketball sneakers in good condition. So, how to wipe this basketball gear in the correct way and what vital tips need to apply in this process?

Some dust is one of the biggest roots in causing the slippery situation for shoes

  • Never use extravagant water when washing your basketball sneakers. It could somehow wreck the sole’s rubber, so you will miss many chances to use these shoes again.
  • Keep in mind to use moderately warm water and a mushy towel to wipe the dirt out of your shoe’s sole.
  • In case the material of the basketball sneakers aren’t applied water to clean, let’s use some soft dry cloth to substitute
  • Don’t use too much force to rub, or else your shoes would be prone to lose their grip.  
  • Leave them dry out completely before putting them on again in the coming basketball court.

This is the easiest method to avert basketball sneakers from sliding.  Mark our above words to properly clean your shoes daily.   

Using Adhesion Enhancers 

If those tips don’t still work on your shoes, you can consider using the extra means. Particularly, you should try to clean basketball shoes with some outstanding grip enhancers like grip gel, grip lotion, sticky mat, to name a few.

In the current market, grip lotions are one of the most common sprays to cover your shoes, enhancing the effective tackiness for its sole. A fast spritz would also be enough to offer a special grip for your shoes. 

Moreover, manufacturers also launch sticky mads/ mats to meet the growing demands of grip enhancers for sporting shoes. These items are preferred in most gym concepts. Therefore, it isn’t hard to encounter several grip pads in many basketball players’ bags. They apply them on their shoes to get more grip before the game. 

Both of these products can work very well on their own to upgrade the basketball shoe’s adhesion. However, it would be better if you combine them with the cleaning method to reach the grip.

Bear in mind never wear your basketball sneakers for other outside sake. These sporting shoes with specific traction are specially designed for hardwood surfaces or basketball courts. Utilizing it for other purposes could break the shoes’ rubber grooves quickly, which causes you to fall down easier.

You can consider a sticky gel that has the same function as grip mats. Yet, there is the fact that many basketball players don’t like this enhancer. Though it brings fairly great adhesion, the grip gels end up sticking back the dust from the surface, making players feel slippery again. 

Make Sure The Court Is Clean

Cleaning the court is a great way to get a better grip on basketball shoes

This method does not work directly on your shoes; it will focus on the surface that your shoe impacts. Believe us! You are bound to see a clear improvement by mopping or cleaning the court. This trick will allow you to eliminate the potential cause of dust or grime, as we mentioned before. 

It will help if you choose liquid disinfectants as cleaners to wipe the basketball court. Additionally, you should not attempt to discard all the dirt on the floor with a dry mop or rough cloth. Otherwise, the court might be dirtier and get much more dust than before.

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Adding The Adhesion in the Basketball Game

That’s unfortunate if you discover the traction from your shoes tends to break down in time with your gaming. In that case, you need to moisten the shoe’s soles as soon as possible to still stay on edge. Using damp rags (which several gyms or teams could have out the line or you can bring by yourself) to apply this trick.  

There are four key ways to add more grip to your shoes

If you can not find any moist cloth around the court, you can rinse your hand through the water. Then you give a quick wipe on the shoe’s bottom to add more grip for your footwear. Nevertheless, if there is no time for that trick, you can also wet your shoes with some saliva. 

What if none of the above methods works on your basketball sneaker? So, it’s the right time to run your budget to have a pair of new shoes, which will prevent some potential hassles from your slippery footwear.

Final Words

If you still keep staying with us until these last lines, we bet that from now on, “How To Get Grip On Basketball Shoes?” is no longer a hard affair for you. Hopefully, these tricks from our content today will also give you more confidence to use your basketball shoes properly and professionally.

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