How to Stay Warm During a Power Outage?

No one likes power outages, especially when they come without any notification. And a power outage will be much worse if it happens in winter. There will be no heater operating. How to stay warm during a power outage?

Besides, if the weather is extremely cold, you will be in danger if you don’t keep warm enough. Today, let’s learn some ways to stay warm during a power outage. 

How to Stay Warm During a Power Outage?

Keep the heat inside the house

When there is a power cut, what you should do immediately is to conserve heat. Be sure that there is no heat leakage so the house is as warm as possible. To conserve heat, you can try the following tips. 

Prevent the cold to get inside the house by using blankets to cover the floor. Besides, fill all the chinks of doors and windows with rags or clothes. This will keep the heat from getting outside.

Gather all the people in a room. Choose a room that is large enough and close all the doors leading to that room. Many people in the same room also make the room warmer

During a power outage, your camping tent may be useful. You can put it up in the room you are staying in, and sleep inside it. The tent can prevent the cold, and its small space allows heat sharing and body heat circulation. 

Wear extra layers of clothing

When the power goes out, your house will be as cold as the outside. So, it’s better to dress as you are outdoors. 

Wearing multiple layers of clothing will keep you warmer than wearing a thick coat. 

You need to cover every part of your body to keep warm. 

Wear thermal underwear, some layers of sweaters, woolen headcover, socks, thick coats, and gloves. 

Use the fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your house, use it. Remember to prepare your fireplace all the time to use in case of a power outage. Both gas fireplace and wood fireplace are useful. 

With the gas fireplace, always keep an available backup battery for use in a power cut. With the wood fireplace, clean it regularly and store enough wood to serve in emergencies.

If you have few wood chunks, divide them into several parts. Fire up the fireplace in a while using a part of chunks. Then, pause and let the room cool a bit before firing again. Make sure that you don’t put any flammable items around the fireplace. 


Burn candles

Candles are very helpful during power outages. They not only light up the house but also help you keep warm. 

Thus, you should stock some candles in your home to use when necessary. Because if the power is out during a storm, you can’t go anywhere to buy candles.

Moreover, you have to pay more attention when warming your house by burning candles. Put candles in an empty place and away from flammable items. 

Prepare a portable generator

If you can afford a standby generator, it’s best to install it. Having a standby generator, power outages will not be a problem. 

But if you can’t invest in a standby generator, go for a portable one. This generator operates with gasoline, so you should store gasoline bottles in your house. 

When using a gasoline generator, read the warnings below to avoid any danger.

Never turn on your generator inside the house or in any close space. When running, the generator will produce a lot of carbon monoxide. 

This gas is very dangerous and can be deadly if inhaled too much or for too long. 

So, only operate a generator in an airy space outside your house. Besides, turn the exhaust pipe away from the house to release the gas further. 

Consume warm foods and drinks

Another effective method to stay warm is consuming warm foods and drinks. If you eat cold food or drink, you can’t keep heat. You can drink hot liquids such as hot coffee, chocolate, tea, etc. 

Besides, a hot bottle of brandy can also make you warmer. Remember to drink little by little and constantly to keep the temperature up. You should also eat warm foods, such as noodles or hot soup. 

Remember to close curtains and blinds at night

Curtains and blinds are very effective in blocking drafts and keeping heat inside the house. Thus, close all curtains and blinds in your house at night. During the day, let them open so that your house can get warm sunlight.

Take advantage of blankets

If you are still cold after wearing layers of clothes, put on some blankets. Fleece or wool blankets are good at keeping heat. 

If you have any pets, let them inside the blanket with you. Both you and your four-legged friend will be warm. 

Sleep in a sleeping bag

Sleeping bags have a better heat insulation effect than blankets and can make you warmer. Therefore, if you have any sleeping bag, get inside it to sleep at night during power outages. 

Use hot water bottles or bags

You can pour hot water in bottles to keep warm. Another option is heating the bag of beans over the fireplace or stove. Then warm your body with the heated bag. 

Install some solar heaters. 

Besides the generator, you can invest in solar heaters for use in any power cuts. These heaters will capture the sunlight and convert it into energy to heat the house. 

But the expense of installing solar heaters is quite high. So, you can install solar heaters for a small room to use when the power goes out.

Do some exercises

Exercising can make you warmer. You can run or jump on the spot to raise your body temperature. Playing some energetic games with your children is also a good idea. 

Go to warming centers or shelters

Many places have warming centers or shelters for serious power cuts. If the power goes out for too long, you can visit these centers. 

Things You Shouldn’t Do During A Power Outage

Don’t burn charcoal stove inside to warm your house

The exhaust fumes from your car contain a lot of carbon monoxide (CO). As we mentioned above, this gas can be deadly if you inhale it. 

Similarly, when you burn a charcoal stove inside your house without opening any door, CO will build up. 

It’s also necessary to know some symptoms of CO poisoning. They include headache, dizziness, confusion, and weakness. 

If there is any CO leakage in your home, open all the doors and windows. Then call the emergency if necessary.

Don’t keep your appliances plugged in

Remember to unplug all your electronic devices when the power is out. Because if there is a storm, the lightning strike can damage your devices. 

Besides, unplugging electronics also prevent electrical surge when the power is back. But you can keep a lamp plugged to know when the power is on again.

Don’t open your refrigerator

When you open the refrigerator, the cold air inside will get out. If you open it many times, the fridge can’t keep your food from spoiling. Thus, you should keep it closed as much as possible during the power outage. 

Don’t let your phone run out of battery

Many people often use their phones to play games or surf webs during power outages. But you shouldn’t let your phone run out of battery. Because you can’t make a call if there is an emergency.  

So, save your phone battery by closing all the apps that you are not using. Besides, turn on the power-saving mode. If you have power banks, remember to fully charge them every day for backup. 

Don’t approach any pooling water or power line

During the power outage, if your basement is full of water, stay away from it. There may be a power line hiding under the water. And if the power is back while you’re in the water, you will get an electric shock.

Moreover, if you are outside, don’t approach any downed power lines to avoid electric shock. 

Final Thoughts

So, we have provided you some tips to stay warm during a power outage. Besides, there are also several things you shouldn’t do for safety when the light goes out. 

We hope that with this useful knowledge, you can keep yourself warm during power cuts. Do you know any other methods? Let us know by leaving a comment. 

Thank you for reading!

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