Complete Guide On How To Survive A Tornado

A tornado is a natural phenomenon that can sweep through any object it passes through. This undesirable phenomenon can take place on several levels. 

In the case of a mild tornado, it can uproot several trees or turn an area upside down. Stronger, tornadoes can sweep away an entire house, even wipe out an entire village.

Therefore, we need to be well prepared for hurricanes that can occur at any time. This preparation is extremely necessary to be able to preserve the life of yourself and your family. 

Find out what to do to survive a tornado in the following article!

What To Do Before The Tornado Hits?

Complete Guide On How To Survive A Tornado

You need to find out if your area has ever had a tornado before you can prepare for the worst. Tornadoes often come unexpectedly, but it’s better to be prepared.

The preparation needs to ensure both material and knowledge to face the tornado. Knowledge includes first aid skills, responding to tornado events so as not to panic. You can also prepare yourself mentally by regularly updating the news from the weather forecast, not to be surprised.

If your family has conditions, a solid bunker is a perfect choice. However, not everyone can do that. Therefore, we still need to prepare a first aid kit, including medicine and heat preservation. 

Also, in the worst case, we have to qualify for both food and water to sustain life. Some other items should also be available such as flashlights, knives, lighters, which will also help you maintain life easier.

How to Survive a Tornado

  • Find a haven
  • Cover the whole body under a solid object
  • Wrap a blanket or soft cloth around your body to prevent objects from falling on you
  • Stay away from windows and doors
  • Cover your face to avoid breathing in dust

If you are at home

If you’re inside the house when the tornado passes, you’re in luck. However, you should not be subjective but move immediately to a safe place such as a bunker or bathroom. 

If your house is too big and can’t be moved, hide under a table to protect yourself. One thing to keep in mind is to stay away from windows as debris can hurt you.

After the tornado passes, you are not safe because there may be aftershocks. So you need to be careful when moving out of the shelter.

Now everything is messy, and you want to clean it up right away, but there is a good chance that another tornado will come and cause danger. 

Phones, lighters are also things to avoid because they can catch fire and cause explosions or fire.

In the case of being on the street

Complete Guide On How To Survive A Tornado

Unfortunately, if you’re out on the street as soon as the tornado hits. This is unlucky, but you can be completely safe if you know how to handle this situation. 

The telltale signs of an approaching tornado are something you need to know by heart: the sky turns black, strong winds pick up dirt and debris, and clouds form a funnel.

If you are in a car, you need to drop the vehicle immediately to get to a safer place like a building to take shelter. The stupidest thing is to stay in the car or try to drive through the tornado. 

Because you can get caught in a tornado at any time. In case you don’t have any buildings around, get out of the car and bring a jacket or blanket. Use those to cover your body and find flat ground to lie down as close as possible.

Some things to avoid when encountering a tornado while on the road are overpasses or under bridges. Places like this often have a lot of debris and are easy to hit and injure. Look for spaces that are well ventilated and as few foreign objects as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes tornadoes?

Tornadoes are weather phenomena when large thunderstorms meet. However, this does not often happen because it only forms when the storm is large or very large. Heavy rains and storms can also form tornadoes. 

These are natural phenomena of nature, so we can only forecast to avoid maximum risks. Some studies also attempt to intervene to reduce the speed of tornadoes, but that seems unlikely.

What are the signs of an approaching tornado?

Tornadoes do not naturally fall to a certain point, so you can completely predict a tornado is approaching. One obvious sign is leaning against the clouds.

As the tornado approaches, the clouds will come together to form a black cloud. The sky will also get darker, and you will feel the wind getting stronger and stronger. 

If you then observe a funnel-like phenomenon, it is most likely a sign of a tornado. Now you need to find shelter and apply the above measures to protect your safety.

In addition to the above signs, you need to regularly update the news and weather forecasts, especially during tornadoes’ peak months. 

Weather forecasts often give fairly accurate estimates about the speed and location of the tornado to make landfall for you to be on the lookout for.

What are the signs that a tornado is over?

Usually, tornadoes will pass quickly, but they can blow everything around them with great speed. The center of the tornado will die soon but will leave many aftershocks, such as strong winds or heavy rain. 

If you feel the wind has stopped or eased and there is no more rain, the tornado has passed. In case you are in the shelter and cannot handle the outside, you can update the latest news about the tornado through the internet.


Tornadoes are a dangerous phenomenon, and no one wants them to happen. However, this is a natural phenomenon, and we cannot prevent it. 

We can build a solid home and equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge and equipment to protect ourselves. 

Hopefully, in the worst-case scenario, you have gained useful knowledge through this article.

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