Some Basic Self-Defense Tips You Need To Know

Every day, you can see a lot of news about attacks on the media or the internet. Are you sure that you will never be a victim of an attack? In this life, nothing is impossible. 

Thus, it’s important to know some self-defense tips to protect yourself and stay safe. Below are some self-defense tips you need to know to save your life. 

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Some Must-Know Self-Defense Tips 

Prevent an attack before it happens

One of the best ways to stay safe is to prevent an attack before it happens. To do this, remember to be alert and trust your gut whenever you are alone. 

If you are at home alone, you should lock the door and be watchful with any strangers. Don’t let them enter your home if you don’t know their purpose.

When you are alone outside, you should observe your surroundings. It’s better to focus on reaching your destination. Don’t use your phone or listen to music while walking alone, because you’ll let your guard down. 

If you see strangers, make eye contact with them. This action will let them know you are aware of their appearance. When you feel unsafe in any place, try to get out of there. 

Set your emergency phone numbers

Every phone has the feature of speed dial or emergency call. You should set the numbers of your family or friends as the speed dial. So, when you are in danger, you can quickly contact them for help. 

Besides, some phones have the SOS feature. By pressing a single button, the phone will automatically contact your family and send your position. Thus, you can check your phone and activate this feature. 

Cry aloud

Your voice is also an effective self-defense tool. When you realize a suspicious person is approaching, shout “No!” or “Stop!” aggressively. If there is anyone nearby, they can help you.

Crying aloud can also startle the attacker and make him pause a bit. You can grab this chance to escape. 

Some Basic Self-Defense Tips You Need To Know

Know the body’s vulnerable areas

No matter how strong the attacker is, he still has vulnerable areas. These areas include the eyes, nose, throat, groin, upper and lower knee joints. 

You can use your strongest body parts, such as elbows or knees, and strike at these points. Remember to strike hard and quickly so that the attacker can’t defend. 

Take advantage of anything you have

Some Basic Self-Defense Tips You Need To Know

If you meet an attacker on the road, you can hit him with any object you have at that moment. You should aim at vulnerable points and strike with your keys or bag as hard as possible. 

If there is any stone on the road, use it as your arms. In case that you don’t have any object on hand, give the attacker a blow. 

It’s better to clench your hand firmly to gain more force and avoid hurting your fingers. 

If the attacker holds both of your hands, push him away with your hips. Then, you can give the attacker a kick in the groin. 

Elevator tips

You shouldn’t enter the elevator with strangers if you suspect they’re following you. Besides, it’s better to stand with your back on the wall near the buttons in the elevator. 

If someone intends to attack you, you can push all the buttons. The elevator will stop at all the floors. Thus, the attacker won’t dare to do anything to you.

Learn some self-defense moves

It’s necessary to know some self-defense techniques. You may not have to use these moves in every situation. 

But they can save your life when you are in danger. Therefore, you can register for a basic self-defense course to stay safe. 

Some Must-Have Self-Defense Accessories


Whistles can help you alert others about your situation. This accessory is very useful when you can’t yell. But it only works when there is someone near you. So, you should have other self-defense items along with a whistle.

Pepper spray

A pepper spray is an effective item for injuring the attacker. You should keep your pepper spray in your pocket for easy access when needed. Besides, you can practice using this accessory several times to master it. 

Some Basic Self-Defense Tips You Need To Know

Mini stun gun

A stun gun will help you to disable the attacker with its high voltage. You can get a mini stun gun and keep it in your bag. 

However, you should learn how to use this tool properly to avoid stunning yourself. When using it, aim at the attacker’s neck or body to make the most damage. 

Final Words

Above are some self-defense tips that can save your life when you are in dangerous situations. You should remember these tips and carry some self-defense accessories with you. We hope that you will always stay safe! 

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