Types Of Shooting In Basketball: Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions

Basketball involves a high degree of physical fitness, complex movements, and cerebral skills. All work together to generate points on the field. To win the game, you must hit more goals than your rival and have a higher shooting percentage. 

As a result, it is important that you are aware of the many methods in which you may make a goal and score points. Let’s take a look at the many types of shooting in basketball, from the lay-up to swish.

Types of Shooting in Basketball

Shooting is a fundamental skill in basketball that most new players are willing to master. Hereby are some common shooting types for you to look at. 

1. The Lay-Up

A layup is a short-range shot from a player who is advancing towards the hoop. If he reaches the basket from an angle, he will usually use the backboard. It is the most basic shot in the game. It is not hard to make. The closer the easier.

The most effective way to score with the lay-up is use the backboard. The best timing for this type of shot is when you get near the basket. Make sure there is no one standing in your way or block your ball. It does not need a high jump.

types of shooting in basketball

2. Jump Shot

In a jump shot, the player makes one small stride and simultaneously lands on both feet. It may happen following a dribble. This shot is often paired with a fake. A player who receives a pass with a jump shot can rotate with either foot after the stop.

This shot is popular among modern basketball players of all levels. Players prove their talent through this shot. A jump shot is typically used for mid- to long-range shots, including shoots beyond the arc. 

When facing the basket for a jump shot, assume a wide stance, generally shoulder width apart, bend your knees, and square your shoulders. Explosive upward leap, then fire the ball at the top of the leap. Keep your elbows straight when launching the ball at the apex of the jump shot.

3. Floater

The only difference between this shot and the jump shot is the way you control the ball. Instead of flicking your wrist, raise or simply push the ball into the air in a wider arc than usual. The ball has no rotation, and it is merely driven forward with your hand.  

This shot is ideal when you’re covered by opponents or against a very tall rival. The floater may happen during a run while moving and sometimes immediately after a catch.

types of shooting in basketball 2

4. The Free Throw

A free throw is a shooting approach employed by a fouled player at the free throw line. When taking the shot, the attacker must stand behind the free throw line. 

Before trying to attack, one must keep their posture. Find the nail or dot in the center of the free throw line and align your shooting foot with it. 

For right-handed players, the shooting foot is the right foot, and vice versa. Your  elbow must form a “L” exactly under the ball, with fingers splayed out for backspin. Aim towards the back of the hoop with your eyes focused on the rims; do not glance at the ball while executing the shot.

5. Slam Dunk

The dunk is often the most stunning shot and one of the most difficult achievements in basketball. Jumping ability is typically more important than shooting ability. Most players leap with one foot, but you may discover that you can jump higher with both feet.

To do a slam dunk, dribble and rush towards the basket when prepared to dunk. Jump  as high as you can and then jump at the basket. Push the ball over the hoop and aggressively smash or crash it through the rim.

6. Bank Shot

A bank shot would be any shot in which the ball touches the backboard before hitting the net. To perform a bank shot, approach it as if it were a jump shot, but shoot slightly higher by aiming for the backboard.

When shooting towards the hoop, leaping higher might often entail going somewhat backwards. It can avoid opponents preventing the shot. 

After bouncing off the backboard, the ball must not strike the rim too frequently. After that, the ball should bounce off the backboard and into the net.

types of shooting in basketball 3

7. Hook Shot

A hook shot is one in which you are not exactly approaching the hoop. To fire a shot, you must approach the basket sideways, with your throwing hand dribbling the ball heading away from the hoop. 

This is also the position you take when guarding the ball against an enemy. Because of the gap established between you and your opponent, your opposition will find it tough to stop the ball.

To hit the shot, leap with your left foot off the ground if shooting right-handed, or vice versa. As you throw the ball with a flick of the wrist, the shooting arm should be slightly curved and propelled upwards.

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8. Swish

The swish is a shot that is so precise that it goes through the hoop without hitting the rim.  As a result, the score is almost quiet, save for the gentle “swish” of the ball passing through the net.  Swishes do not earn bonus points. The most unsteady toss is the same as a flawless throw if it falls over the net.

types of shooting in basketball 4


Players employ a variety of shooting tactics, the selection of which is determined by a variety of parameters such as distance, angle, player type, and so on… To be an excellent basketball scorer, a player should train in selecting and executing the proper technique. 

Because, you don’t have much practice time, you should invest more in searching for shooting types. That is why in today’s article, we show you some of the best moves toward your rival. We hope it will help you improve your score on the court.

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