What is Paracord Used For? Versatile Uses that You Didn’t Expect

Paracord, also known as multi-purpose rope, is a very useful tool in our daily life. This is a special type of rope used to tie goods in transportation. This product has extremely high bearing capacity. Not only are they good to use, but they are also highly aesthetic.

Paracord has many different uses. It can even save us from life-threatening danger. This article will help you better understand its great features. We will list the most complete list of its benefits.

What is Paracord Used For?

Initially, people used paracord to make parachute cord because it can withstand weight up to 550 pounds. Today, people have created countless uses for this rope. It has become a common civilian commodity. Therefore, you can use paracord in many areas of your life.

  • The uses of paracord in daily life
  • The uses of Paracord in survival
  • The uses of Paracord in hobbies and passions

Paracord has a multitude of different uses in many different fields. You may not expect its special uses. We will tell you in detail about the versatile uses of Paracord below.

The uses of paracord in daily life

  • Making a clothesline

Instead of having to buy expensive clotheslines, you can use paracord to dry clothes. Because of its sturdiness and durability, it can bear the heavy weight of wet clothes. Tie the two ends of the paracord to something sturdy like a tree. To keep the hanger in place, you can tie the knots.

  • Making shoelaces

Paracord comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It is very suitable for making shoelaces. You can customize its thickness to suit all your shoes. After adjusting the length of the rope, burn the ends of the rope so that the excess thread does not come loose.

  • Fixing boats or skis

Paracord can make a leash to hold small boats extremely firmly. You can wrap the paracord around the boat to secure it. Another way is to use a paracord to tie multiple points to the boat. With larger boats, you can braid the paracord for extra strength.

  • Using to hang something

In your home, you will need to hang many things on the wall such as pictures,… Paracord is a suitable hanger that you don’t waste time looking for. You can use this convenient cord to hook onto things with holes and hang them up. That ensures it will be very sturdy and long-lasting.

  • Making pulley system

The pulley system will make heavy lifting easier. When using paracord to make a pulley rope, you need to consider the weight and the friction force. Note that knots and fraying of the paracord will interfere with bearing capacity.

  • Making a drawstring bag

Using paracord to make a drawstring bag is a very creative idea. You can use it to store pillows when going out in a compact and convenient way.

  • Separating the core of the wire for sewing

In emergencies, you can use “all-purpose” cords to handle your clothes. The core of the paracord cord is a great idea for sewing torn clothes.

For example, you are going on a long trip. Suddenly your button fell off. Meanwhile you are going to an important party. If you don’t have thread to sew then paracord core will take care of this for you.

  • Making hammock

You are lying in a hammock. But suddenly the wire part broke. You just need to use a paracord to tie it. You don’t have to worry about efficiency because you know how sturdy the paracord is.

The uses of Paracord in survival

  • Supporting to set up tents

You can use a paracord to tie the tent with stakes for extra stability. When fixing the tarp to cover the tent, this rope is the perfect choice. Paracord will increase the wind and storm resistance of your tent. In particular, the paracord fixed tent will be a safe haven for you when in the wilderness.

  • Using paracord for first aid when injured

In the event of a sprain, you will need immediate first aid. Use a straight cane to brace your leg. The paracord will secure the cane to your foot. In this situation, you will not waste time looking for another fixed object.

When you have a hand injury, immobilize your hand with a paracord by wearing it around your neck. When bitten by a snake, tie it with a paracord to prevent the venom from entering the heart.

  • Making animal traps

When you need to find food in the wilderness. A paracord trap will help you hunt wild animals. This type of trap will be very solid so you have to be careful when you are new to it.

  • Making a sign in the forest

When you get lost in the forest, you need to find an exact direction. You should use a paracord to make marks on the trees. Because it is very diverse in color. Tie it to the tree trunks to make it easier to identify.

  • Make lanyards for carry-on items

When you go camping, there are bound to be many bulky and disjointed items. Now you can use the function of this versatile cord. You can tie items to your backpack and take them away.

  • Making a fishing net

If you know how to knit, a paracord can form a fishing net. Because paracord has a bearing capacity of up to 250 kg. The smaller the size of the gap, the more likely it is to catch fish. However, it will take you longer to knit.

  • Supporting climbing

As you explore the wilderness. You will face dangerous mountains. This versatile rope will make climbing mountains and cliffs easier. You will not lose too much time and energy and still be able to conquer the high mountains.

  • Making a hunting weapon

Paracord can help you create weapons while in the forest. With just a piece of paracord and a branch, you will be able to make a powerful hunting weapon. Paracord can also replace bowstring when your bowstring has broken.

The uses of Paracord in hobbies and passions

  • Making knitting ropes

If you are an art knitter, paracord will help you satisfy your passion. There are many interesting things that you can create with paracord such as bracelets, headbands, hair bands, hats, …

  • Making a jump rope

You have a habit of exercising every day to ensure health. This versatile rope will be a tool for jumping rope. It will help you a lot during exercise.

  • Making a guitar strap

You love to play guitar and often take it with you to perform. A strap will make it easier to carry the guitar. Paracord is not a bad idea to make straps.

  • Making decorations

If you’re a crafty person, you can decorate your capitals with paracord. Your backpack will stand out more if you know how to braid the straps of the backpack. Your keychain will be less boring with a few simple ways to tie.

  • Making a pet strap

It will be a perfect choice when you use this multi-purpose rope to make a leash and collar for your pet. Hand braiding pet collars and leashes is an easy way for you to control and identify your pet.

What Makes a Paracord Different from Other Cords?

The original purpose of the paracord was to make parachute ropes. The design of the paracord consists of multiple inner fibers and an outer nylon sheath. So it is capable of withstanding large weights. It can withstand strength of 550 lbs or more.

Moreover, this versatile rope also has a very long life even in the sun and rain without rotting. Therefore, paracord has higher durability and application than other types of cord.


In the article, we have just shared with you the versatile uses of paracord. We hope this information will be useful to you in all situations in life.

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