Discover What Sport Makes The Most Money? It’s Not Soccer, It’s…

Being a sportsperson is a dream many people want to reach. There are many reasons why, such as fulfilling one’s passion about that particular sport, achieving a certain status in the sports world, or raking it in. Well, what sport makes the most money?

What type of sports players are the richest? This million-dollar (might as well, billion) question undoubtedly raises our curiosity. Since soccer is extremely popular around the world, many people believe this sport generates the biggest income.

Surprisingly, it is wrong! So which one is the correct answer? Now, through this article, we will figure the top and five other profitable sports. 

What Sport Makes The Most Money?

As we have mentioned before, most people think it’s definitely soccer when it comes to the highest-paid salary sport. Well, no! The first rank belongs to basketball. 

Becoming a pro basketball athlete entails a lot of requirements to participate in highly competitive matches. To reach the best endurance required to gain the best results, rewarding players must rigorously follow strict physical training and weight-control diets.

Basketball players have team-working practice daily and concentrate individually on their professional skills such as independent scoring or ball controlling ability with high intensity. There is no doubt that the average salary they get is the highest one. 

What Sport Makes The Most Money

They get used to the intense commute schedule besides specific physical rigors during the NBA (The National Basketball Association) season, which comprised 82 games in one season and a multitude of playoff rounds.

According to the latest figures, for 2020 to half of 2021, NBA athletes become the highest-paid sports players worldwide with an income of around $7,9 million on average.

Other Top 5 High-paid Sports

We’ve already known which professional sports players earn the most money. Here, there is a list of other 5 most profitable sports.

1. Baseball

Baseball ranked second place in the high-paid salary sports statistics. 


One MLB (The Major Baseball League) season has 162 games, demanding the players master in hitting the ball and frequently practicing the other batting skills. 

In 2020, MLB athletes earned an average of $4.4 million. The most beneficial position is pitcher-the annual salary can be up to over $31 million for each one.

2. Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 racing is one of the most worldwide costly sports, which may amaze most of you.

Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 drivers must keep their cars under absolute control as they drive at the speed reaching over 230 MPH on risky races with several high-focus required bends. 

Besides dancing with death on a regular basis, they are paid for making much use of cars that can spend over $100 million to develop.

As a result of their extraordinary capabilities and their employers’ faith in them, Formula 1 drivers make an average of $4.1 million each year.

3. Soccer 

When it comes to sports, soccer pops up in many people’s thoughts immediately. 


To compete with the continual activity and fast tempo of their sport, soccer players must achieve high levels of physical condition. Maintaining and improving ball control and passing ability, and executing game strategies necessitates daily practice.

The average compensation for soccer players is strongly reliant on the league in which they compete. However, on average, a soccer player can make $3.9 million per year. 

4. American Football

American football has another common name, “gridiron” – the most well-known sport in the United States.

American Football

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most physically strenuous sports, with athletes colliding at great speeds. American football tactics are more sophisticated than many other sports. NFL players averagely received $3.3 million in the 2019-2020 year.

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5. Hockey

The last of our ranking is hockey.


Before engaging in games, hockey players’ endurance requirements have risen to prepare players for a demanding 82 games and multiple playoff rounds. 

Limited by the small squad number of 23 members and a 50-50 income divide between players and management, the average pay for The National Hockey League (NHL) players fluctuated from $1.5 to $3 million.


Sports is the field from which you can make a huge amount of money. In the rank of the highest-paid sports, the top 1 belongs to basketball. If you have the passion or gifted talent in this sport, there you have another reason to pursue your dream!

Moreover, several sports will also bring a lucrative income: baseball, formula one racing, soccer, football, or hockey. The above list is worth considering sports. 

What sport makes the most money? We hope you find out the answer in this article! 

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