What Vehicles Would Survive An Emp? All You Need To Know About

There is much controversy surrounding the destructive power of an EMP. Many people believe that An EMP can bring the world back to the Middle Ages. Many people are sure that electronic devices will all be destroyed.

Manufacturers put too many sophisticated electronics on modern vehicles. Therefore, being affected by an EMP security is inevitable.

What vehicles would survive an emp? This article will show a few vehicles that can function well despite being attacked by electrical impulses.

What Is An Emp?

EMP is a stream of electromagnetic energy capable of generating extremely strong electric currents. This current can destroy any electronic equipment and even bring down the power grid.

Lightning is a natural form of EMP. Geomagnetic storms are also the cause of electromagnetic pulses. 

In fact, in 1989, a geomagnetic storm left an entire area of ​​Canada without power for nine hours.

Humans also create EMPs in many ways. Nuclear explosions are one of them. The electromagnetic pulse bomb is a weapon with great destructive power.

Today, most appliances use electricity. If an electromagnetic pulse attack takes place, computers, phones, televisions, and even vehicles will become useless. Therefore, the impact of electromagnetic weapons is difficult to imagine.

What Vehicles Would Survive An Emp?

EMP destroys electronic devices. If that’s the case, how could a vehicle have a problem with an electromagnetic pulse attack?

However, according to research by the US EMP Commission, about 10% of vehicles stop when an EMP occurs. Too many electronic devices in today’s cars are also dangerous for drivers.

What vehicles would survive an EMP? In theory, the simpler the vehicle, the older it is, the harder it is to be damaged by electromagnetic pulses.

Here is a list of the best vehicles you can use in an electromagnetic pulse attack.

Chevrolet Blazer 1984

Chevrolet Blazer 1984 is a car with traditional styling. Vehicles using carbureted and naturally aspirated engines. 

Therefore, there are few sensitive electronic devices on the vehicle. There is no doubt about the ability to avoid electromagnetic pulses of Chevrolet Blazer 1984.

Jeep Cherokee SJ

Small and handy vehicles are a plus if you’re in an electromagnetic pulse attack. The Jeep Cherokee SJ is just that.

Besides the advantage of size, Jeep’s all-terrain ability helps you a lot if attacked.

Similar to the Chevrolet Blazer 1984, the engine has no electronics. In the apocalyptic scenario, the EMP cannot destroy your vehicle either.

Toyota 4×4 Trucks 1985

Toyota 4×4 Trucks 1985 can withstand the attack of electromagnetic pulse very well. The reason lies in the durable carburetor 22R engine. 

You also don’t have to worry when Toyota attacks. Because a solid front will do a good job of protecting the car.

Harley-Davidson MT350E

Off-road vehicles are the best option in an EMP attack. As mentioned, EMP will cause a large number of vehicles to stall. An off-road motorcycle will be suitable for traveling on messy roads.

Harley Davidson MT350E is one of the best performing vehicles after An EMP

The car has a 350cc engine and is designed according to military standards. Harley’s electric starter still works fine after the impact of the electromagnetic pulse. More impressively, even though the electrical equipment is on fire, the car can still start normally.

With an impressive design, good protection from electromagnetic pulses, the Harley is the best vehicle you can find when threatened by an EMP.

Land Rover 90/110

With its 110 diesel engine, the Land Rover is a great vehicle to navigate during the electromagnetic pulse storm.

The first advantage, the car has a solid, simple structure. Besides, it is not affected by electromagnetic pulses.

Not only stopping there, but the car also has excellent off-road ability. The vehicle also integrates with explorer devices. 

Therefore, in the apocalypse scenario, Land Rover is still a good companion because of the electromagnetic pulse.

Volkswagen Beetle 1972

The Volkswagen Beetle is the best-selling car in history.

Volkswagen Beetles manufactured before 1975 do not have Bosch engines and electronics. Therefore, these are the ideal vehicle versions in the EMP attack.

In particular, you cannot ignore the 1972 Volkswagen Beetle. The classic design of the car will surely attract you at first sight.

Ford Bronco 1983

Ford Bronco 1983 can withstand the effects of electromagnetic pulses.

Like most of the vehicles on the list, the 1983 Ford had a naturally aspirated carburetor engine. To put it simply, cars don’t use electricity to mix fuel, so there’s no trouble with electromagnetic pulses.

Unfortunately, other versions of this car, like the 1985 Ford Broncos, do not have good resistance to electromagnetic pulses. This is also understandable when the manufacturer has equipped the vehicle with an electronic fuel injection system, which electromagnetic pulses can easily damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will old cars survive EMP?

The older the vehicle, the higher its ability to operate in an electromagnetic pulse environment.

In principle, in order not to be damaged by electromagnetic pulses, the car needs to run on an old-fashioned diesel engine without any electrical equipment.

This type of design can only be found in older cars.

How to protect your car from an EMP blast?

In every EMP disaster simulation study, many experts recommend having your tires checked. Please ensure that the tire is at standard pressure, the rubber is insulated from the ground.

Because even if you own one of the above vehicles, your car can still generate electricity by the phenomenon of friction between the tires and the road.

What year cars are EMP proof?

The cars produced in the 1990s were able to move well even when the EMP hit. Because most of these time-traveling vehicles are using naturally aspirated diesel engines.


The power grid collapsed. Electrical appliances stopped working. EMP attacks are something no one would expect.

What Vehicles Would Survive an EMP? There is a lot of controversy regarding the impact of EMP on vehicles. However, it is not superfluous if you learn about cars that can survive EMP.

Most of the cars on the list are quite old. Therefore, the price is not too high. You can consider owning one of them – the best anti-EMP means.

Happy your vehicle!

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