Why Do Basketball Players Wear Masks? Discover Now

We’re not talking about the protective masks against Covid-19 during the pandemic, but about the masks that NBA players must wear when they’re injured. Basketball is always known as a dangerous sport to play. Specifically, you are likely to injure your face in the game.

This article would be a comprehensible guide to help you understand why do basketball players wear masks and how to apply them to your game like a pro. 

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Masks

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Masks? 

If you’ve ever seen a player wear a protective mask, you should think it looks uncomfortable and may somehow interfere with the player’s performance. However, it turns out to be vice versa!

Wearing a basketball mask protects players from injuries and prevents further harm to their existing injuries. In some situations, these protections make the player look cool or terrifying, but we can’t deny their help in the following cases. 

Basketball protective mask

The mask can prevent a broken nose from further damage when an unintentional elbow touches the injury. When the player’s nose is fractured, the doctor must align the nasal bone within the first two weeks so that the bone does not heal incorrectly. And since there may be a lot of swelling from the broken part and realignment while wearing the mask for nose protection, the user may feel very pain. 

The mask isn’t used only for broken noses; it’s also useful for a facial bruise, broken eye socket fracture, broken cheekbone, and shattered facial bone. If players do not wear the mask and get slaps in the face, they may remain out longer, causing more harm.

For example, in 2018, Joel Embiid received a crushing blow when colliding with Markelle Fultz. He fractured his eye socket, which necessitated surgery to repair. He wore a black mask after the surgery to heal faster.

Joel Embiid wore a black mask to protect his eye socket

What Type Of Mask Used On The Courts

Those who have a minor injury and only need to wear the masks for a few games can go for the generic; one size fits all. However, because everyone’s facial shape is different, the masks will most likely not completely fit the face. 

These masks may reduce the user’s comfort and place uniquely on your face compared to other’s. 

If you are a taller, bigger player than average, those generic masks may not fit your face properly, and you may have to be forced to go down this route. 

Another disadvantage of buying a generic mask is the poor quality of Velcro straps, making you feel extremely hot while wearing them. But thankfully, you don’t have to wear the mask all the time; you can remove it by simply pushing it to your forehead at the free-throw line.

Generic mask

When it comes to an injury that may take a long time to heal, you should acquire a custom fit mask. The lack of comfort may start inhibiting your performance if you wear a generic mask. 

For that disadvantage, you’d better obtain a custom fit mask, which heads and shoulders above other rivals. This type will be more expensive, but it will be far more comfortable. 

These masks provide optimum comfort since they are made by taking the shape of your face. The mold is used to create a mask that fits your face properly while assuring maximum comfort as if the user was not wearing it. 

Another plus point is that the manufacturers may lend you another mask until your order is ready to deliver.

Generic mask

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Do The Masks Make It Hard For The Players To See?

Thanks to advances in technology, protective mask manufacturers can now build masks that make it appear like they’re not even there. They recognize that basketball enthusiasts rely on their mask’s exterior to make their purchase decision. 

A personalized mask aims to allow the player to play their typical game without aggravating their ailments. Meanwhile, if the player cannot play their normal game while wearing the mask, it will become ineffective and even useless.

Final Word 

Now you know the answer to “Why do basketball players wear masks?” Some may believe that masks are unneeded because being attacked in the same location again is extremely uncommon. But better safe than sorry. And suppose you’ve ever played competitive basketball or any other physically demanding activity. In that case, you know that if you don’t take care of your injury, it will worsen and worsen until you can no longer play.

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